Saturday, December 31, 2011

Let down

Shadow Heir (Dark Swan, #4)Shadow Heir by Richelle Mead

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UGH!! I cannot believe this, I can’t believe I waited so long and like an addict in serious need of some rehab for THIS! I am so disappointed in how Mead ended Shadow Heir that I sat there after finishing this horrible tease of a book, I was dumbfounded. Okay let’s start this from the beginning shall we...
Iron Crowned left all of us with some major questions(and some of us hyperventilating) so naturally we're excited about Shadow Heir, finally we get some answers and maybe Kiyos head on a silver platter, right. Wrong! Ah Mead why do you do this to us, have we not been faithful enough in our affection to your books and characters? Oh right back to Shadow Heir so its starts with Eugenie being four months pregnant, she ends up going into hiding in some remote part of Alabama were she thinks her children will be safe. Unexpectedly she has to go back to the other world without her kids (I should probably mention she has them already and are being cared for) to take care of some problem and fight some random evil villain I seriously don’t care about nevertheless she goes. In this journey she is escorted by Dorian (sigh) and the gang. In comes Kiyo who is supposedly an ally (give me a break Mead) to help them in this quest to save their kingdoms. At this point I’m like seriously who needs a new plot or conflict when there is so much going on already? But whatever fast forward to the ending. She finds out that the despicable thing called Kiyo is not the father of her children (Thank god because that was some complicated shit) Eugenie, Eugenie, Eugenie!! She decides that Dorian, despite the fact the he has grown so much and is so much more open and is promising her the world and putting her above world domination (hello above world domination) should not know that Ivy and Isaac are his kids. The one thing Dorian wants more than anything else are children and she decides to keep them from him. Enough said.

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